Friday, April 4, 2008

My first post

My first post....Like I really have anything that interesting to say. I'm sure by next week there will be dozens of people who wake up, start the coffee, and can't wait to log in and see what exciting thing is happening in my little world.

Today is day 5 of spring break. It's been raining all week. I've been getting over having wisdom teeth removed, we've all had bad colds, and I had a brave encounter with a kidney stone on Wednesday night.

So for some fun, today we packed up the minivan, and headed to the outlet mall with my sisters and mom. Preparing for that meant a lot of packing. Because my kids might get deathly hungry during the 55 minute ride. And John's 2 sippee cups full of juice will only last for 50 minutes. After all 3 kids were dressed, I started packing food in a plastic grocery bag.

Why a grocery bag? Because at some point during the last few weeks, I lost the diaper bag. I did have a name tag on it. But for some reason whoever found it did not feel inclined to return a bag with: 2 dried out wipes, 1 diaper, a crusty nasal syringe, butt paste, a tampon, a few old chicken nuggets, and crushed goldfish crackers.

Someone must have been very hungry.

I was trying to hurry before my sister arrived to ride with us. And Emma says to me: "Uh, Mama, I sure hope Jenny doesn't mind the stench."
Maybe she's referring to the slight smell in the van. And just maybe that smell is there because calcified chicken nuggets and fries from exactly 79 Happy Meals quietly lurk beneath the floor mats of said van. (Or maybe not.)

Long story short....... I spent money. A lot of money. Outlet malls just do that to you. I was shopping in the Gymboree store, and I swear there was a voice quietly whispering "Buy more! Buy more!"

Jenny got some cute outfits for her Luke-to-be. I found tons of cute things for Clara and John. But Emma couldn't find anything she liked anywhere, and finally picked out hot pink shorts, and a hot pink tank top. When I got home, I looked through the Target bag from the previous nights shopping adventure.
You know what was in Emma's bag? Another pair of hot pink shorts and a hot pink tank top.