Thursday, January 28, 2010

While the Entire State of NC Makes Sandwiches.....

So it's going to storm here starting tomorrow night.
I mean, a REAL storm. Ice, sleet, and S-N-O-W. REAL snow, supposedly. Not the 14 minutes of flurries that make our schools shut down early.
(If you are a Northerner, I'm sure the thought of schools closing because of a few minutes of flurries has you laughing so hard that you're about to pee your pants.....)

ANYhoo. Everyone and their dog has already been to the store to stock up on essentials. You know, MILK and BREAD? I heard that by early afternoon today, the grocery stores were wiped out, and there was no milk or bread to be had.
So I made a strategy of my own. I'm waiting until tomorrow morning, when they've gotten new shipments of bread in. And then, I will casually waltz in, and buy every last loaf of sandwich bread on those shelves. I will take those loaves home, and list them on Craigslist for $8 per loaf. And then I will go shopping with all the money that I made off of the crazy fools who bought all the bread.
Because apparantly, North Carolinians eat toast and sandwiches the entire time they are snowed in during a storm. It's the only logical explanation. Why else, upon hearing that you may be stuck indoors for the next few days, would one's first reaction be, "I MUST go get bread!"
Is there no chili, no stew, no roast to be found in these homes? No chicken 'n dumplins to be had? Who would eat sandwich bread with chicken 'n dumplins anyways? That's what biscuits are for, my friends. THAT is what biscuits are for.

And the milk?  Is there no orange juice in their homes? No Coke? No tea? No Peppermint Schnapps to dump into the hot cocoa??

Do YOU run our for bread and milk before bad weather? If so, please explain. And, enjoy your sandwiches. I'll be thinking of you with a smile as I lick the last of my stew.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'll Show You Mine...

...My MAKEUP Bag, that is!

It's What's In Your Makeup Bag? week at Chic Critique!

I revealed all today with pics of everything in my cosmetics bag. So come on over and visit. Leave me some comments. And let me know what's in YOUR makeup bag!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Weather Better Change or I Won't Fit Into My Pants

Another day of crummy weather here in NC. Oh, how I loved the past few days of 65 degree gloriousness!
For the most part, though, the weather has been terrible! Cold, cold, and more cold.
Am I the only one whose cooking revolves around the weather? I mean, if nonstop 32 degree weather doesn't call for comfort food, then I don't know what does. I've made chicken-fried chicken and cream gravy, biscuits, bacon, chicken parm, soup, bacon, roasts, breads, bacon, stew, roasted chicken, bacon, and most any other comfort food you can think of. I'm kinda getting sick and tired of food. And I don't think my jeans think all the comfort food is all that comfortable. Who knew bacon could make the waist in my jeans tighter??
Sitting on the back deck, sipping a glass of something yummy, smelling all kinds of vegetable deliciousness on the grill..... sounds good to me. Springtime, you can't come soon enough.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

To My Faithful Mini Van

Dear Mini Van,
You've been there for me for 9 long years.You've certainly done your best for me, and I do so appreciate it.  You've started up on cold winter days, and kept me cool in the 100 degree heat. You've driven three in kids in comfort and unabashed mom-style. You've played 1,989 hours of Barney, Disney Princess, and Taylor Swift, without a single thought as to what you wanted to hear. You've absorbed 35 gallons of pool water, and remained speechless as countless pounds of beach sand have been rubbed into your seats and floor. Like any good friend, you've tried your best to hide the Kool-Aid stains that have decorated the interior. Remember the giant sized McDonald's Orange drink that Emma spilled all over your carpet? Remember learning together that McDonalds Orange drink does NOT come out of carpet? To show my appreciation, I've tried to feed you well. Even right now, if you're hungry, you can still find a bunch of nuggets and fries somewhere in there. I'm sorry about the Chik-Fil-A fruit cup hidden in the back compartment that attracted all the fruit flies. It was nothing personal - really. Oh, so many years full of whining  tanrums laughter, and you've been there for them all. We've had so many good times together, and boy are you a trooper. Remember the bottle of formula that got lost one scorching summer? Silly van. You should have told me you were hiding it. Bet you never realized a smell like that existed, did you?? Not to worry. The fermenting apple juice covered up the formula smell eventually. Or was it the vomit? Anyhoo...  Even as you got older, you forged ahead. Did you know that as you aged you'd begin to lose body parts? Or were you trying to play tricks on me? When you lost your first door handle, I thought it was a little bit funny, you trickster. When you decided that you didn't want to open your back hatch anymore, well - that was a little annoying. But when you dropped the third door handle? Hmpf. What kind of trick were you trying to play on me? Was it payback for the fruitflies? I'll admit, it must have been hard for you the past few years, hearing how much the kids all hated you every time you gave them a ride. But me? You know how I love you. And because I care, I will be passing you on to someone who will continue to love you in your old age. It's time for the old folks' home, my little Sienna. Don't cry, really. Everytime you look around, you'll remember us. The crayon, the Sharpie marker, the Coke on top of the ceiling. And the Orange Drink. (Or maybe the vomit.) (Can you ever forget all the vomit?) No matter who drives you, you'll never really be able to forget us. We've left a permanent mark. And I'll never forget you, either.
If you have any advice for my new Sequoia, just let him know. He's a big boy, so I know he can handle it.
Goodbye, Sienna. It's been a wild ride.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year Stuff

Ahhh, it's Tuesday. We've survived two days back to school. 
Two whole weeks off for everyone, and for two whole weeks, I've been dreading the start of school! Mornings filled with breakfast making, and lunch packing, and snack packing, and homework signing, and glove finding, and unfortunately some grouchiness too. What's not to love? Honestly, I've never seen anyone that consistently has such foul moods in the morning as Clara. That kid just doesn't know how to wake up on the right side of the bed. Well, it's back to normal, I guess - is there any such thing?? I've heard that normal is just a setting on the dryer. ;)

I'm incapable of composing a cohesive post tonight. I blame it on the weather. My toes are cold right now - that's what I'm thinking about. It's absolutely SO gosh dern freezing here. Our fireplace has been running nonstop. Methinks we'll be having some excitement when the next gas bill arrives.

So, on an exciting note..... I'm working on character development.  Last week I became ruthless. Something I've wanted to be for a very long time. I spared no feelings, I tossed aside. I gave no thought to sentiments. Yes, I could get used to that. No holds barred. I went through all three of my kids' closets, and we got rid of almost everything!!! Even the playroom is done. If we didn't absolutely need it, it was GONE. I think we singlehandedly contributed to almost half of the town landfill. AND, we gave 28 huge bags full of clothes to Goodwill. That is a.l.o.t of crap, y'all. And oooh boy does it feel good!
Seriously though, I think that's my resolution this year. To get rid of crap. No, that doesn't sound good. To be ruthless. No, not that either. How 'bout this? I resolve to continually get rid of anything we don't need. It's either trash, or there is someone else who could use it.

It's been an interesting start to the New Year so far. I'm anticipating what God will have in store for me this year. No telling. If I had my way, I'm sure I'd mess it up royally. Every day that goes by, I see more and more clearly that His ways are NOT my ways, and His thoughts are not like mine. Thankfully, His mercies for me are also new every morning.
I've been thinking on this verse for the past few days - Acts 2:42. I hadn't read it anytime recently, but it's been on my heart lately. "They devoted themselves to the Apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, and to the breaking of bread and to prayer."  I think this will be one of my verses for the year. Even just the prayer part - the devoted word makes it a pretty stong statement, doesn't it? I want to be that woman - the devoted one.

How 'bout you? What are you resolving this year? What are your goals?