Thursday, June 17, 2010

One Week In...

One week since school ended, and all I've got is a list. Not sure I've been busy enough!
 In the past 6 days I have.....

1) Organized a last day of school water fight and pool party.
2) Celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary. Yay me!!
3) Enjoyed dinner at a favorite restaurant, including fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese!
4) Been to the lake three times, two of which got rained out, and one time we didn't even get the boat in the water before it started thundering!
5) Visited with out of town family
6) Cleaned house
7) Fixed meals and dinner for visiting guests
8) Been to the neighborhood swimming pool 5 times
9) Shopped for daughter's birthday
10) Gone to church
11) worked two real estate transaction, and showed houses
12) Had ice cream for breakfast at Baskin Robbin's for my daughter Emma's birthday tradition
13) Out to dinner at Outback for Emma's birthday
14)Took Emma and two friends to the pool, to the mall, out to dinner, and for a movie
15) Had a teeny-bopper sleepover and demanded sleep at 1am
16) Fixed breakfast for sleepover crew and hauled 5 kids to the pool with snacks and drinks.
17) took a 45 minute nap. (I think the above list has worn me out!)

What have YOU been up to?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Here!

It's the last day of school! Wooo hoooooo!
Tomorrow morning, I will NOT be waking up at 7am to make sandwiches!

It's a busy day today, and I've got a lot of running around to do. I'm still looking for those long, tube-like water soakers at the dollar stores, and no one has them. A few years ago, I started a neighborhood tradition. All the parents at our bus stop wait for the kids on the last day of school with water soakers, and we blast the kids as they get off the bus. We have a huge water fight in the middle of the street. The first year was the best because the kids were unsuspecting! Then we take the party to the pool and have lots of cupcakes, popsicles, snacks, and "mommy juice!"

I'm also still looking for a big roll of white paper. Every year I make a big "welcome to summer" banner and hang it across the front door to the house. The girls bust through it as the start to thier summer vacation. Where to go? Ac Moore? Office Max? Any suggestions?

I also forgot to get an end of year gift for Clara's teacher, and just realized it this morning :(  Guess I'll be dropping something off at the school this afternoon.....  What do you give as teacher gifts?

The countdown begins..... 7 hours to go!

What are you doing today?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Smell Me

Really, I smell good right now. I do.
Last night I used a new lavender salt scrub, and it smells divine.

I blogged about it over HERE today - come visit and leave me some comments!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All the Colors of the Rainbow...

It's a busy day here, and I'm taking off in a few minutes for the hospital. My MIL made it through her brain surgery yesterday and is doing well. Thanks to all you awesome ladies who prayed!

Today,  I'll leave you with a "Clara Quote." 
First, imagine the giant 64 pack of crayons with the built in sharpener.

Clara:  "Mama, are crayons made out of ear wax??"

Have a nice day!