Thursday, December 31, 2009

Can It Be?

So I've slacked on the blog, and it's been two weeks. I can't believe tomorrow is 2010!
Christmas came and went in whirlwind fashion.
We've had lots of family time, and I'm sad that it's ending soon. I think one of the kids' favorite things we did was our Christmas lights tour. We all put on pajamas, grabbed blankets, popcorn, and thermoses full of hot cocoa. Then we piled into the van and looked at lights. Daddy wore a Santa hat, and belted out Feliz Navidad. (There may or may not have been a little peppermint schnapps in my cocoa.)

Emma has never been so thrilled with her gifts. Yes, we caved and got her a cell phone. I still can't believe I'm saying that. And, she got clothes from Hollister, which was her dream come true. AND, she got Ugg boots from Grandma. So all in all, she thinks she is one REALLY COOL teeny bopper.

Does anyone think it's funny that when I asked Ryan for some Burt's Bees products, he bought me wrinkle cream???? Moving on.......

We have a big New Year's party here tonight. And yet I'm sitting here on the computer. Must. Get. Off. My. Butt.

Happy New Year!!!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wendesday Night Whine and Wine

I'm feeling the need to whine a little bit.

I've had a bad cold for well over a week now, and I just can't get rid of it. My face hurts, my eyes hurt, my ears ache. I'm tired of blowing my nose and clearing my throat.
I've gotten so little sleep the past week it's ridiculous.
I don't normally pack every day full of things to do. But last week and this week have been nuts. I've had stuff going on NONSTOP, from the rump-crack of dawn, till midnight each day.

I'm not done shopping yet, and haven't even started wrapping. I let the housecleaning get away from me the past two days, and now I'm paying for it. Dontcha hate those days when you don't want to even come home to your own mess? (really, how many pairs of socks can my kids leave on the floor in just one day? I picked up 7 tonight......)

I'm torn tonight between the soft comfy bed that's calling my name, and the glass of wine and fascinating  worthless television watching that will allow me some quiet. Tell me I'm not the only one that purposely stays up late, just because the kids are asleep and it's quiet? I mean, I love sleep and all. But I can't enjoy a quiet house if I'm asleep, right? I knew you'd agree.

And now for the most random jump from one topic to the next.....

What is with that stupid song that I hear every time my daughter turns the radio on? It's called Firelies, by Owl City. It's so weird, I had to look up the name and read the lyrics. Call me whatever sweet thing you will, but I have no idea what that guy is talkin' 'bout. Apparently he'd like to make himself believe that planet earth turns slowly......   umkay........

Moving on.
Where is my glass of whine wine?

John had his Christmas program at preschool this morning. He looked SO goshdang cute. He wore grey cords, a pinstripe button down shirt untucked, and a loose tie, with his hair spiked up. The most GQ little 3 year old EVAH. He frowned almost the entire time he was on stage, and kept yawning. At the end, when the audience clapped, he joined in and clapped for himself. :)

Ok, bed..... or tv.  Bed? TV?

Good Night, Y'all.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tea With the Coffee Gal!

For the past few weeks, I've been looking forward to my very first face-to-face meeting with a bloggy friend.
AND, especially excited because I was meeting Kellie from La Vida Dulce, who is one of my very favorite bloggers.
AND, we were meeting for tea! Could it get any better?

Having never been through an In Real Life meeting, I really didn't know what to expect. I've read Kellie's blog for a year, and just knew I'd love her even more in person. But what if she didn't like me?? What if there was nothing to say?

My worries were for nothing. She was so sweet, even as she walked in and we saw each other for the first time. I've seen plenty of pictures of her, and knew how pretty she is. But truly, she is even prettier in real life!

Just look at this lovely table. Isn't it the perfect setting for new friendship and good conversation on a cold, rainy day?

The food was so yummy. (Except for the deviled egg!) We tried everything, and laughed when we couldn't figure out how to eat the tapioca pudding in a chinese soup spoon. Are there rules on these things??

The scones were warm and so good. And the tea was just right. Doesn't Kellie the coffee gal look right at home with her cup of tea?

One thing I really love about Kellie is that she has such a sense of calm and peace about her. She's gentle and sweet, and it only took one minute of conversation to see why everyone loves her so much. Plus, she loves to shop!

Those 2 1/2 hours went by too fast.
Thanks Kellie, for a wonderful afternoon! I can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I've Officially Started Shopping in Ultra Annoying Stores

I found myself in a Hollister store the other day.
I KNOW! What was I thinking, right?
I will just tell you this: I did it out of love.
For my 11 going on 18 year old daughter.

Last week she asked me again why she coudln't shop at Hollister. After all, she's the ONLY ONE OF HER FRIENDS (haha) who doesn't wear Hollister or Abercrombie everyday to school.
(Do you hear me playing the world's tiniest violin?)

She didn't bother asking about Abercrombie. She's been good about it, and she understands perfectly well why she isn't allowed to wear their clothing. She knows about their advertising, and agrees that she'd never want to promote those images.

But the Hollister thing? Well, I admit  - I've just assumed it was just like Abercrombie. I looked around on their website, expecting images of pretty much nude teenagers - but I (thankfully) didn't see that. I decided I'd just have to go to the store and check it out myself.

There are so many battles to pick these days. I didn't want to choose this one, if I didn't have any valid points. So I packed it up on MY FREE MORNING, and went to Hollister.

I no worries about finding it in the mall. I just followed my nose. Have you SMELLED these places? P.U.

After 30 seconds, I'd had enough. I'm not kidding you! They are all about atmospehere over there, those classy folks. The music was SO FLIPPIN loud that I couldn't even think. My sense of smell was in overdrive, from the equivalent of 19 bottles of cologne sprayed everywhere. The bass was so strong that my poor little heart kept trying to leap out of my chest.

And my eyes, oh my poor eyes! What exactly is it about a store that's so dark you can't see that is supposed to be appealing??
I'm not joking. I had to keep stepping away from the shelves and holding up the price tags to see the prices in a little smidgen of light. I. COULD. NOT. SEE.
It's not like I'm 98 yrs old people! These 35 year old eyes couldn't see squat.
I lasted more than 30 seconds in there, though. Know why? I didn't see anything that I objected to. No naked guys on posters. No trashy clothes.
I spent about 40 minutes in there, gasp! And I got Emma a few new things for Christmas.
Know what's funny?
The kid at the register had to keep stepping back and holding the price tags up to scan. Because it was SO DARK EVEN HE COUDN'T SEE!
I politely suggested to him that maybe a spotlight would work wonders back there.
He didn't think it was funny.
He just thought I was old.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Here There and Everywhere

A random list of thoughts today....
Whew. A week past Thanksgiving.
I survived a house full of 19 people.
We've finished decorating.
I got to visit with my grandparents from Florida.
I'm getting some Christmas shopping tackled.
The stomach flu came and went in just one day here.
Looking forward to seeing friends this weekend, and going to a party on Saturday.
How about you??

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