Monday, May 31, 2010

Tuesday Tantrum

Do you look at the caller ID before you answer the phone?
I do.
For a reason. It's called "telemarketers," and I avoid them at all costs.
For the past week, I've noticed an 800 number calling me, and not leaving a message. Today, I finally answered the unknown number, planning to nicely tell whoever it was to go away.
I answered the phone, only to hear a recorded voice tell me to "please hold, all available agents are on other lines."
Are you kidding me? You call ME, at MY HOUSE, on a HOLIDAY, and tell me to wait because you're busy??? 
I have a few good lines for telemarketers, when they are unwilling to take NO for an answer. My favorite was years ago, when someone called me on Christmas Eve. I sweetly asked for their home phone number, and told them I'd call them the following morning. haha.
Yes, I know these people are just doing their jobs. I actually worked doing telemarketing as a teenager. I know how tough it can be, and how awful people can act. I remember running into the bathroom crying after a particularly nasty man answered the phone. But having a calling system dial people's numbers, and thinking that whoever answers will sit there waiting for the telemarketer to get on the phone? I'd love to know who the brainiac behind that is.
Ok, I'm done. (smile)

Did you have a good Memorial Day? Do you have any family members in the service? If so, please give them an extra hug.

For a complete change of subject, can I ask for your prayers? My mother in law is having brain surgery in a few hours. Please pray for peace for the whole family.

So. What's going on in your neck of the woods today?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I had an awesome tea time yesterday morning. I love tea and all the cute things that go along with it, but what makes those times priceless are the friends that I share the time with.
I have to say though, that up until two weeks ago, I never imagined in a million years who I'd be sharing a cup with yesterday.

Eighteen years ago, I arrived at a small college in Illinois, walked into my first dorm room, and  met my first roommate. Anitra and I were strangers, thrown together by "chance." Or so I thought back then. We had our share of ups and downs, most of which I attribute to being young and silly. After the first semester, she moved into a different room with one of her friends. Then I never really saw her again.
Fast forward to two weeks ago, in my little NC town. On a whim, I went to the dollar store. I smiled at the gal who was looking intently at me, wondering what could possibly be stuck in my teeth, or if my hair just looked that bad. As I was about to move my shopping cart around her, she asks if I'm Kristin.  And tells me that she's my old college roommate, Anitra. I almost didn't believe her for a minute. What in the world are the chances that I would ever run into her again, half way across the country and 18 years later?

We started chatting, and after just a minute I asked her if she'd ever forgiven me for whatever ways I'd acted ugly back then. She raised her eyebrows, smiled, and said "Girl, I don't even remember any of that, so just let it go!" Isn't God so good?

We made plans to get together, and yesterday we had tea together. Not only did we have a hard time believing that God would have us cross paths again after all these years, but it turns out that last year she actually lived on the same street that I moved from a few years ago. We laughed, trying to imagine our responses if someone had told us all those years ago that we'd be sitting together over tea in NC 18 years later.

God tells us that "All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." Psalm 139:16.  While each day holds something new, and sometimes surprising, it's no surprise to God. Not only did he know, back when Anitra and I roomed at Trinity, that we'd be friends again years later, He knew it before He even created me.

His ways amaze me. And His ways are perfect. He's had a plan for me since the beginning of time, and I can't wait to see what's next.