Monday, May 31, 2010

Tuesday Tantrum

Do you look at the caller ID before you answer the phone?
I do.
For a reason. It's called "telemarketers," and I avoid them at all costs.
For the past week, I've noticed an 800 number calling me, and not leaving a message. Today, I finally answered the unknown number, planning to nicely tell whoever it was to go away.
I answered the phone, only to hear a recorded voice tell me to "please hold, all available agents are on other lines."
Are you kidding me? You call ME, at MY HOUSE, on a HOLIDAY, and tell me to wait because you're busy??? 
I have a few good lines for telemarketers, when they are unwilling to take NO for an answer. My favorite was years ago, when someone called me on Christmas Eve. I sweetly asked for their home phone number, and told them I'd call them the following morning. haha.
Yes, I know these people are just doing their jobs. I actually worked doing telemarketing as a teenager. I know how tough it can be, and how awful people can act. I remember running into the bathroom crying after a particularly nasty man answered the phone. But having a calling system dial people's numbers, and thinking that whoever answers will sit there waiting for the telemarketer to get on the phone? I'd love to know who the brainiac behind that is.
Ok, I'm done. (smile)

Did you have a good Memorial Day? Do you have any family members in the service? If so, please give them an extra hug.

For a complete change of subject, can I ask for your prayers? My mother in law is having brain surgery in a few hours. Please pray for peace for the whole family.

So. What's going on in your neck of the woods today?


Jeanette said...

I am praying!
That totally cracked me up - i have never gotten a "please wait" message on a telemarketing call. crazy!

Chris said...

You are nicer to telemarketers than I am. CLICK! ;)

I hope your MIL is recovering well from her surgery.

Candace said...

praying for you and your fam and your mother in law this morning. and nursing a baby. and getting ready to take the kids to an indoor playground. and typing with one hand...