Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wendesday Night Whine and Wine

I'm feeling the need to whine a little bit.

I've had a bad cold for well over a week now, and I just can't get rid of it. My face hurts, my eyes hurt, my ears ache. I'm tired of blowing my nose and clearing my throat.
I've gotten so little sleep the past week it's ridiculous.
I don't normally pack every day full of things to do. But last week and this week have been nuts. I've had stuff going on NONSTOP, from the rump-crack of dawn, till midnight each day.

I'm not done shopping yet, and haven't even started wrapping. I let the housecleaning get away from me the past two days, and now I'm paying for it. Dontcha hate those days when you don't want to even come home to your own mess? (really, how many pairs of socks can my kids leave on the floor in just one day? I picked up 7 tonight......)

I'm torn tonight between the soft comfy bed that's calling my name, and the glass of wine and fascinating  worthless television watching that will allow me some quiet. Tell me I'm not the only one that purposely stays up late, just because the kids are asleep and it's quiet? I mean, I love sleep and all. But I can't enjoy a quiet house if I'm asleep, right? I knew you'd agree.

And now for the most random jump from one topic to the next.....

What is with that stupid song that I hear every time my daughter turns the radio on? It's called Firelies, by Owl City. It's so weird, I had to look up the name and read the lyrics. Call me whatever sweet thing you will, but I have no idea what that guy is talkin' 'bout. Apparently he'd like to make himself believe that planet earth turns slowly......   umkay........

Moving on.
Where is my glass of whine wine?

John had his Christmas program at preschool this morning. He looked SO goshdang cute. He wore grey cords, a pinstripe button down shirt untucked, and a loose tie, with his hair spiked up. The most GQ little 3 year old EVAH. He frowned almost the entire time he was on stage, and kept yawning. At the end, when the audience clapped, he joined in and clapped for himself. :)

Ok, bed..... or tv.  Bed? TV?

Good Night, Y'all.


Kellie said...

Wine (maybe with a little tv) then'll sleep cozy...and it will probably cure your cold.

I just made that last part up, but I really want to believe its true!

Kristin said...

OH, it ended up being NEITHER one of those options tonight! :( (more whining...) I ended up labeling and bagging coffee for our MINA project instead of vegging or sleeping. ( Hopefully sleep will come before midnight....

Stefani said...

I hope today is bringing some rest for you. I am just waiting until next week. I have nothing on my calendar, and most of my shopping is done. I might actually take some time to bake with my girls and enjoy some time at home! I hope you get to do the same! (and feel better soon!)

Merry Christmas!