Saturday, January 16, 2010

To My Faithful Mini Van

Dear Mini Van,
You've been there for me for 9 long years.You've certainly done your best for me, and I do so appreciate it.  You've started up on cold winter days, and kept me cool in the 100 degree heat. You've driven three in kids in comfort and unabashed mom-style. You've played 1,989 hours of Barney, Disney Princess, and Taylor Swift, without a single thought as to what you wanted to hear. You've absorbed 35 gallons of pool water, and remained speechless as countless pounds of beach sand have been rubbed into your seats and floor. Like any good friend, you've tried your best to hide the Kool-Aid stains that have decorated the interior. Remember the giant sized McDonald's Orange drink that Emma spilled all over your carpet? Remember learning together that McDonalds Orange drink does NOT come out of carpet? To show my appreciation, I've tried to feed you well. Even right now, if you're hungry, you can still find a bunch of nuggets and fries somewhere in there. I'm sorry about the Chik-Fil-A fruit cup hidden in the back compartment that attracted all the fruit flies. It was nothing personal - really. Oh, so many years full of whining  tanrums laughter, and you've been there for them all. We've had so many good times together, and boy are you a trooper. Remember the bottle of formula that got lost one scorching summer? Silly van. You should have told me you were hiding it. Bet you never realized a smell like that existed, did you?? Not to worry. The fermenting apple juice covered up the formula smell eventually. Or was it the vomit? Anyhoo...  Even as you got older, you forged ahead. Did you know that as you aged you'd begin to lose body parts? Or were you trying to play tricks on me? When you lost your first door handle, I thought it was a little bit funny, you trickster. When you decided that you didn't want to open your back hatch anymore, well - that was a little annoying. But when you dropped the third door handle? Hmpf. What kind of trick were you trying to play on me? Was it payback for the fruitflies? I'll admit, it must have been hard for you the past few years, hearing how much the kids all hated you every time you gave them a ride. But me? You know how I love you. And because I care, I will be passing you on to someone who will continue to love you in your old age. It's time for the old folks' home, my little Sienna. Don't cry, really. Everytime you look around, you'll remember us. The crayon, the Sharpie marker, the Coke on top of the ceiling. And the Orange Drink. (Or maybe the vomit.) (Can you ever forget all the vomit?) No matter who drives you, you'll never really be able to forget us. We've left a permanent mark. And I'll never forget you, either.
If you have any advice for my new Sequoia, just let him know. He's a big boy, so I know he can handle it.
Goodbye, Sienna. It's been a wild ride.

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Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Haha, you crack me up!!! I have to ask, is "Sienna" the name you gave your minivan, or do you just drive a "Toyota Sienna", which I think is the name of their mini van?

Love seeing a fellow NC blogger!

Confessions From A Working Mom