Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's OVER!!!

After 9 months of planning, the What Not to Wear conference is OVER!!!

I guess I'll post more about it later, but here are a few quick thoughts...

1) Shari and Patti are great, and so much fun!
2) My phone has stopped ringing with calls for last minute tickets.
3) I can now sleep without waking up at 1am, thinking of things I need to do.
4) God is so awesome. (which is really the number one point...)

After nine months of planning, and ups and downs, and frustrations, He worked it out perfectly. I know that every women that He wanted to be there, was there. There were just enough seats. Just enough food. Hundreds of happy women.

We had a lot of guests, from all walks of life. Shari shared her personal testimony at the end of the program. What a story! It's such a blessing to everyone who hears it. My favorite part that all of the guests heard was that every woman is beautiful, and exactly how God created her.

Finally, I want to say how blessed I was by planning this event. Yes, it was very tough. And there were so many obstacles. But the prayers that were poured out by all the beautiful women I know flowed freely, both for the event and for me and my family. It was like getting a hug from God every time someone would call or send a note. I know that God wanted this event to happen. And being a part of that was amazing. Because we have an amazing God.


HeatherV said...

You did an awesome job. The conference was amazing :) Every detail. Thank you so much for taking it on and finding Sheri and allowing her to make us all realize God made us exactly how He wanted us to be. And her testimony was so powerful. Thanks for all your hard work.

Shari Braendel said...

Hey girl, You are the epitome of beautiful! Thank you for being sooo obedient to our beautiful Jesus and heading up this rock!!!! You looked so calm and collected and I know you were bubbling inside! I believe God has a special softness for event planners cause boy, does satan ever attack them! Thank you for trusting me to minister to your fabulous group of you! Shari

Amanda Chamberlain said...

Amen, Sister!! It's time to celebrate...