Saturday, January 3, 2009

Is it really OVER?

Happy New Year!

I'll admit, this is the very first year that Ryan and I have EVER had our decorations put away before New Years. We had our second annual "family friendly" New Year's Eve party again. With 60 people that rsvp'd, I felt like I HAD to take everything down to make more space!

I've actually heard some people say that they take their tree and decorations down the day after Christmas.

SERIOUSLY??? I would love to know how they explain THAT one to the kids.

Christmas night: Tuck the kids in bed, give hugs and kisses, kids go off to bed dreaming of all the presents they found under the tree that morning.
Wake up: BAM! Sorry kids, Christmas is OVER!

To each his own, I guess......

Not that I've ever had issues with wanting to extend the Christmas season.
Nope. Not me.

Because I surely DO NOT have a picture of Ryan and I, in front of a Christmas tree, holding a sign that says "February 2nd, 1996 - Christmas is OVER!!!"

No, I most definitely do NOT. :)


Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Girl! you are funny.

Mine is usually down by Jan 2. This year I did leave the outside up until...yesterday, Jan 5. It now all sits in my bonus room waiting to go to the attic. Thank goodness!!!

Musings of a Housewife said...

LOL. We're the ones who take the tree down as soon as Christmas dinner dishes are in the sink. ;-) Okay, joking, but we take them down the week after Christmas. This year we took stuff down on New Years Day and that was LATE for us! :-) But then we also put them up on Thanksgiving weekend, so it was getting pretty dry. You crack me up. You should post that photo that you didn't take. ;-)