Thursday, December 11, 2008


It's dark and rainy here today.

It would be a perfect nap day. But I have such a bad headache, I can't fall asleep.

So I went tip toe-ing (is that a word??) into my bedroom to put some things away while John is asleep. Not much light was coming in the windows, so I turned on the lamp to see better.

But it didn't do much good.

There was just enough natural light in the room already so that the light from the lamp didn't really make a difference. I turned the other one on, but it didn't really help either. It aggravated me for a second, and I finished up and walked out.

It doesn't seem to make a lot of sense...... a lamp gives light, and if I turn it on, it should make the room lighter. Had the room been really dark, the lamp would have worked wonders.

I guess God speaks in strange ways sometimes, when I'm least expecting it. Cuz I sure wasn't expecting anything while putting socks away today.

But this is what I started thinking about.....
I had "just enough" light in my room today.... enough to do what I needed, and carry on, whether that lamp was on or not. And in life, sometimes it's easy to go along with what we think is "just enough" God, too.

Just enough of Him doesn't really make any sense. But I guess people trick themselves into thinking that. We get so used to going about our business that we can't see Him in the little things everyday.

The lamp is on, but it just doesn't seem to make a big difference.

Until the sun goes down. And it's dark, and we are desperate for light.

We turn the lamp on, and it illuminates the room.

And in those times, that light is the only thing that allows us to see.

......just thinking.........


Amanda Chamberlain said...

very profound, my friend! How many times have I stumbled around in the dark because I didn't let enough light in?

Van said...

I so appreciate your comment, "desperate for light." Am thinking on that. Hope your head is feeling all better!

Future Bulldog said...

It is amazing how the smallest things. Can get you thinking. It happened to me yesterday. All of the sudden I looked at Elle and realized she has grown so fast. Then I thought I really have not just sat and been still around her. I realized I just need to take time and look at her. With Hans I had the time but with Elle I feel like I have let so many moments slip bye.

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

That is beautiful! Soooo true.