Thursday, November 19, 2009

Out of the Crate

This morning John and I were sitting in the van, waiting to go into the grocery store. One of my favorite songs was on the radio - Mighty To Save.

I used to sing that song to him every night while I rocked him to sleep, and he knows the whole chorus by heart. We were rockin' out in the car singing, and he asked, "WHY did Jesus conquer the CRATE? Was it Chester's crate? What did He do to it?"  (btw, Chester is our dog...)

I laughed and told him that the Jesus conquered the grave,  not the crate. "WELL, " he proclaimed, "I heard that song tell me that he conquered the crate, and that's what it TOLD me."

Ok, three and a half year old. Whatever you say.

The crate, the grave, call it what you will. But either way, Jesus conquered it. My saviour? He is Mighty To Save.

Click HERE and listen to the song for yourself. I promise your day will be a little brighter if you do!

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HeatherV said...

Logan sings that song all the time.

Cute story