Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Behind Bars

Today my daughter Emma will be going behind bars, and won't get out for the next few years. She went to school this morning fully prepared to enjoy her last day of freedom. Actually, she's been preparing herself for the past few weeks, doing all kinds of things that she'll miss out on because of those bars. Eating Starburst, sugar gum, laffy taffy, popcorn.....

The scary thing is that if I don't comply with the rules, I may find my own self behind some bars, too. It's a "pay up or else" kinda thing. Bail is thousands and thousands of dollars. I don't prefer orange suits, so I think I'll pay up.

Emma prefers rainbow colors, so that's what she'll choose. She thinks she'll change it up a bit depending on the holidays. I told her ok, as long as she doesn't choose something gross like black and orange for Halloween.

She keeps saying that she SO does not want this, but she knows she'll be SO glad after she's released. Who doesn't love freedom?

Yeesh, I see so many analogies here this morning, but I haven't had my 12th cup of coffee yet. So maybe all the ideas in my head about choosing hard things because of the reward that follows will have to wait for another day.

I need to go run and get some pudding cups from the store. And supplies for chicken n dumplins. And some Tylenol.
This afternoon, Emma will be the proud new wearer of braces, and I will be the despondant   poor  proud owner of an orthodontics bill.

Not sure who will be needing the Tylenol.......


Stefani said...

It's still quite fresh in my mind the day that I had my braces put on. Definitely get lots and lots of Tylanol. I remember not being able to bite through a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

She will definitely be thankful when it's all over though! I know I am. It's totally worth all the pain!

Best Wishes Emma!!

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Great post girl!

Adriel Sovereign said...

What an awesome story/description for talking about braces. I sure remember the yuck of going through it and the hooray afterward. I remember proper tooth care was vital. Hope all goes well for her during this time. Ahhh, the preteen years.

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