Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Gilgal Nap

Today, a nap is calling my name.
But Kristin, you ask. Isn't it only 8:30am right now?
Yes, ma'am. Yes it is.
How can you even think about a nap when you've only been up for an hour and a half? you wonder. Isn't that ridiculously lazy? Maybe you just need some more coffee.
I understand your worries, really I do. And truth be told, not long ago I would have been embarassed to take a nap on a gorgeous sunny afternoon, let alone admit it to the world. There are dishes calling my name, sheets to be changed, clothes to be washed, and toys to be put away. And also today, a blood peeing dog that just had surgery yesterday and needs to watched.
But today, I proudly claim my nap.
Know why? I need it. I need my Gilgal.
Yep.  I read the first few chapters in Joshua last week, and was reminded of Gilgal, the place that Joshua set twelve stones after God parted the Jordan river for the Isrealites to cross over towards the Promised Land.
 It was where the arc of the covenant returned to each day, after the men compassed the city of Jericho during it's seige. It was where celebrations took place. It was a place of rest.
God had a plan for his people, and there was work to be done. There was a Promised Land just waiting to be claimed. But He knew that in the midst of the work, there needed to be a place to rest and be refreshed. It was Gilgal.

Each day, we have work to do, too. Today, the Promised Land is God's plan for me - His best for me. There's work to do, but I also need the rest. A lot has been going on, and I'm just plain tired. Looking ahead this week, I know that today is the one day that I have a chance to slow down and rest. So I am CLAIMING my Gilgal nap today!

I don't know what you'll be doing this afternoon, but I hope it's something great. Do you have a Gilgal? A time of rest? Is it hard for you to stop and take time to be refreshed?


Candace said...

Hey new friend Kristin who is one funny lady! I'm not scarred for life- actually- you have just given me something to tuck away in my mind for a time when I need to smile but I can't think of anything to smile about. :)

And I LOVE this GILGAL post! As a pregnant momma of two kids and one gestating baby, I am SO claiming Gilgal more often. Laundry can just wait sometimes. In fact, the husband and I are taking a trip without the kids this weekend, so maybe I'll get some major Gilgal on.


Kristin said...

Candace, I hate to admit, I never got the nap!! All that planning.... oh, well. I know there are other days, and I'm committed to planning for it!

Anonymous said...

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