Thursday, February 5, 2009

My 25 Things

Well, I've been "tagged" about 10 times on Facebook to write 25 random things about myself.
So I thought I'd post them on here, too.

Honestly, it was a little weird speding this much time thinking about myself. How often do moms do that???

So here are the awesome things that you didn't even know you don't know about me!

1) Celery is the worst taste I can think of.
2) I used to do competative gymnastics, and I also did ballet, and danced on pointe for a few years before giving it all up in high school to be on the pompon squad. I didn't really enjoy my pompon years.
3) I also played piano. I'm not real good anymore, but still like to play sometimes. My piano used to be my step-grandmother's when she was a child.
4) I've bungee jumped three times. Once I became a mom, fear took over and I've had no desire for dangerous thrills since.
5) I used to perm my hair years ago, but haven't had one in over 8 years. My curl is natural. But I've been straightening it the past few months.
6) I love tea, and collect tea cups, teapots, and tea accessories. My china cabinet is full. I have everything I need to throw an awesome tea party.
7) I love coffee. Since Ryan started roasting his own coffee beans years ago, I can now tell the difference between Colombian, Kenyan, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Guatemala, etc. I am a true coffee snob.
8) I've been a mom for over 1o years, and have 3 kids. The older I get, the more I understand that there is not only one right way to parent, and find myself having little tolerance for people who are judgemental.
9) I believed in God from a very early age, and don't remember ever NOT believing that he was my Saviour.
10) I can't stand noise. If I'm talking with someone, and music is louder than talking level, it will drive me insane. I attribute this to being the oldest of 4 kids, and always having a napping kid in the house.
11) I don't really enjoy watching movies.
12) I love to read. I usually finish a book in one day, and stay up all night. This isn't such a good thing.
13) I hate the scent of vanilla candles.
14) I am not an animal person. I know you think your pet is great, but I can guarantee that I won't like it. This dislike for animals has really come back to bite me in the rear. My girls are animal crazy, and I take them to a horse farm for riding lessons every week.
15) I like to cook, and am really good at it.
16) I like gardening, but haven't put much time into it since we have lived in this new house (3 years...). I grow great herbs and flowers, but don't do so great with most vegetables.
17) My heart is burdened for children who are hungry. Did you know that with just $35 a month, you can sponsor a child, and change their life? Go to
18) I think one of the biggest mistakes parents can make is giving their child almost everything they want. The last thing our world needs is another generation that expects everything, yet appreciates nothing.
19) I believe that people should give extravagently. If we took care of our true NEEDS first, and then gave till it hurt, imagine what could be accomplished in this world. Unfortunately, lots of people take care of their needs, then all of their wants, and then only give if it's convenient.
20) I sometimes dream of running a tearoom. And Ryan and I have talked about running a bed and breakfast when we retire.
21) There is also part of me that would like to sell everything we have, and move our family to another country to serve people in need. Maybe we will do that one day. Until then, my job is to help right where I am.
22) I am thankful for my good friends. I love girl time, and having friends that know me inside and out.
23) I think everyone needs good friends. Sometimes friendship needs to be pursued. If you find yourself without the friendships you crave, be the one to make the first step.
24) I enjoy visiting big cities, but after one day, I feel clausterphobic and need to get out. I could never ever live in a city.
25) When i'm gone, I want people to remember me as someone who loved God, and loved others.

If you have a link to a "100 things" on your blog, or anything else like that, please leave the link, and I'll read your list!


Stefani said...

I read your 25 things on facebook and almost immediately wanted to re-do mine! :) I had no idea that you didn't like celery. Oh, the things we learn.
Maybe I'll re-do my list and post it on my blog. (assuming I remember how to do that!:) Great list! See you soon!

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

I love your new blog look!!! Very nice.

Farmgirl said...

Hello, Mind sharing what your hubby uses for roasting his own coffee? I am so interesting in trying this myself. Thank you in advance.Suzy