Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This 'N That

A few random gripes and smiles today, because that's all my stuffed-up head can handle.

Oh wait, that was gripe #1. Yes, the day the girls went back to school, I came down with a whopper of a cold. I had a crappy night's sleep last night, and I feel even worse today.

But on a positive note, I had a lovely time at tea with friends this morning. Good tea, treats, and conversation. And my parents even watched John so I could enjoy my sipping kid-free.

Unfortunately I don't think I'll be feeling better by tomorrow, which by the way, happens to be my birthday. Ugh. (35 is sounding a lot older than 34.)

The SMILE is that Ryan just emailed me and said he's taking the day off tomorrow to celebrate. He said the world is my (stuffy, sneezing) oyster. Hmmm, what to do, what to do.....

I came home to dog poo a little while ago. Someone needs to explain to Chester that it's not the gift I was hoping for.

On a brighter note, my sweet friend Amanda brought a scrumptious chocolate birthday cake to tea this morning. And Su fixed a wonderful African tea to go with it.

When I arrived at my mom's, my belly sloshing full of tea, I was told that my son has been spreading rumors about me. Yes, the cute 3 year old with a smile that lights up a room, told Grammy that "Mommy does BAD THINGS." GASP! When Grammy asked for more juicy details, she was told that "Mommy yelled at me." Ahem. Me? Yelling? Moving on......

And there you have it. The past 12 hours in full detail. I think I should keep countin' my blessings, cuz my little gripes aren't looking so bad. As a matter of fact, it's a pretty sneezy, I mean sunshiney day!


HeatherV said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you feel better

Kellie said...

You and I made quite a pari today what with all our ailments! ;)

So sorry that you are sick, and on the eve of your birthday! And your right, I thought 35 sounded so much older than 34, but just wait for 37...thats only three short years to 40....

Praying your birthday will be wonderful, and sneeze free!

About Me said...

Hope you are feeling better today!!