Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Old Ballgame

Last night we took all three kids to a baseball game. There were severe thunderstorms in the forecast, and it started to POUR while we were driving there.

My brother-in-law had tickets from work, and we all had VIP parking, a private room and meal and drinks for free! My two sisters, parents, and some of our friends also went. We were unsure about taking John, and I called around to a few sitters. But alas, no one was available with one hour advance notice. So we took him. I'm so glad we did!

We got to wait in the private room while it finished raining. Then we took our seats, expecting John to last a whole 10 minutes. But he LOVED it! Since Papa is such a big baseball fan, he had fun sitting with John, and trying to explain baseball to him and the girls.

We all had free t-shirts, all the kids had them on. They looked really cute all sitting in a row in these massive adult sized t-shirts. They laughed and goofed around, and stuffed themselves with treats. John had Goodberry's (frozen custard), popcorn, sno-cone he mooched from his cousin, and candy. He stuffed himself so much that we were about 99% sure we would be experiencing his treats all over again on the ride home. They lasted until 10:15 at the ballpark, and got to bed at almost 11pm.

It was a really fun night, and the kids had a blast.

What was NOT a blast was waking them up early this morning to go to horse riding lessons.
But that's another story.

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