Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Funny Moments

A few of my favorite comments from the kids the past few days:

On Sunday, Clara excitedley ran up to me with a "gift" in her hands. She handed me a small heavy object that was covered in a piece of printer paper. "Open it!"

Inside was a small ceramic box (that I already owned). "No, that's just holding your gift, mama. It's inside."

So I opened the box. Inside was............ my DENTAL FLOSS.

"Oh, wow! That's great!" I exclaimed.

She sighs a content sigh. And smiles big.

"I KNEW you'd love it!" she proclaims. :)

John (who is 2) falls asleep sobbing after throwing a massive fit about a popsicle.
I go in to get him when he wakes up.
First thing he says is: "Can I have popsicle?"
Me: "If you eat your lunch, then you can have one."
John: "Do you understand me? I just want a popsicle!!!"

I'm laying next to Clara, putting her to bed.
"Umm, mama? What day is it?"
"It's Monday, honey."
"Oh," she sighs, sounding defeated. "I have Wednesday undies on."

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