Monday, August 25, 2008

Season for Everything

Yep, there is a season for everything.

And my favorite includes late nights, sleeping in, Donut Day Fridays, the swimming pool, the lake, ice cream Mondays, and popsicles.
You guessed it - it's summer.
And ours is officially O.V.E.R.

The girls went back to school this morning, and I was not ready for it. Truly - just give me a few more weeks of summer, and I'd be so happy! I know most people are kinda anxious to send their kids packing. But I've loved having the girls home this summer. I like being around them. John loves having them around. And I like the laziness and freedom of summer.

And I am SO NOT READY to start having crazy mornings getting everyone ready, destrying the kitchen making multiple lunches and snacks, and spending each evening with homework.

We spent last week packing every last bit of fun in. We went on the boat. We had multiple play dates. We went for ice cream. Had sleepovers. Went swimming. Shopping. You name it, we did it.

Yesterday, we started the real preparations of going to school. Like shopping for all the food that will fill their lunch boxes. And ironing the official first day of school outfits.

We took our usual pictures of the girls with their backpacks on the front steps this morning. And I always drive them to school and walk them to class the first day. Once John and I got back in the van, it was so quiet! He missed them terribly, and didn't understand why they were gone all of a sudden.

So, we will eventually get back into the swing of things. My little girls are back to school. If I'm getting weepy at that, just wait till next week when I send my baby boy to preschool for the first time!

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ilovesf said...

You made me cry remembering my baby boy going off to school (although I don't even remember taking him, I am sure he was taken by his sitter).

Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I will mark it as a favorite.