Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Last night was GNO!

(That stands for Girls Night Out, according to Hannah Montana.)

(And Hannah Montana had everything to do with last night, FYI.)

The girls and I planned a GNO last night. We started off at the mall, looking for first day of school outfits. Words that flowed from Emma's mouth consisted of "Oh. My. GOSH, Mamma." " for." "Oohhh! I.!"

Clara just skipped around, holding up cute pink dresses. After trying one on, she declared "Yeah, mamma, this just isn't really me."

Ryan met us at the mall to pick up John. We were parked next to each other, so when we backed out, the girls started blasting the "Girls Night" song by Hannah Montana with the windows down, so Ryan could hear it. When Hannah started singing "It's girls night, it's all right, without YOU!" the girls and I pointed to Ryan and then sped off. The girls couldn't stop laughing - it was a very big HAHA moment in their minds. (never occurred to them that daddy wanted NO PART in girls night!)

We ate a quick dinner, went to see the new American Girl movie, then we went bowling, then we went for ice cream. By then, my pocketbook was empty, and it was 10:30pm.

It was nice to spend some time with them, without the little guy tagging along. They had a great time, and fell into bed exhausted.

When they woke this morning, they wanted to know what other adventures we'd be having today!

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