Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fun N Games

Today is Ryan's birthday.
I won't say exactly how old he is. But the great thing is that no matter how old he is, I'll always be 3 years younger!! Ha Ha!

Ryan loves his birthday, and as a matter of fact, he celebrates birthday week. Yes, a whole week.

He's been outside this morning since 7am with 17 pounds of pork butt on the smoker. YES, we are having people over, and won't be consuming that much bbq ourselves.

I just made what is supposed to be a copycat version of Macaroni Grill's chocolate cake. And we've been playing around outside. We bought him Corn Hole for his birthday. For those of you who aren't rednecks, it's two wooden boards with a hole cut out. You toss corn-filled bags into the holes. I KNOW. We are very fancy around here.

But it's fun. AND, I found out that I can kick some booty playing it. I'm talented like that.

Not bad for an ordinary Tuesday!
What are you doing today?


Carpoolqueen said...

Hey! We have Corn Hole, too, except ours is fancily named "Bag-O". It's so much fun at a party.

The Fritz Facts said...

We have Corn Hole, only we call it Bags. My step-son kicks serious tail too. He loves schooling everyone in the game at the cabin.

Hope you guys have a great day!!