Friday, July 10, 2009

We Did It!

After months of talking about it, we got the boy a "big boy bed" yesterday.

AND, he wore underwear for the first time, too. I KNOW, what was I thinking, right??

He was so proud of those underwear. They had tractors on them, and his life basically revolves around tractors and other heavy equipment. Last night as we were out in the driveway washing down all the furniture (bought off Craigslist!). There were a bunch of neighborhood kids hanging around, and in the middle of the driveway, he just pulls those britches down and tries to start peeing. I laughed so hard - he had no idea there was anything wrong with it. When I told him he couldn't pee in the driveway in the middle of other people, he just pouted and said "But I wanna pee outside like a man!"

Ryan and I hauled the bed upstairs, and then freaked out when we couldn't find the gate for his bedroom door. Call me crazy, but the thought of a 3 year old running around the house in the middle of the night doesn't sound so good. But there was no turning back, so we told him that if he got out, he would have to go back in the crib. It was 11:00pm by the time he was tucked in. We prepared ourselves for a VERY long night. And prayed.

When we checked on him half an hour later, he was in the exact same place we had tucked him in. He slept ALL night, and even called me to come get him when he woke up at 8am!

This here is one proud (and non-sleep deprived!) mama!
Here's the big boy bed. (covered in tractors, of course...)


Stefani said...

Yeah John!! What a big boy! Also, yeah for Mommy and Daddy! No more diapers!

I wouldn't worry too much about the running around in the middle of the night. The house is a little creepy in the dark. If either of my girls gets up, they make a beeline for my bedroom. (and then I walk them right back to theirs!)

Kellie said...


I always hated to get my kids into big beds, only because it is such a big step away from baby-dom!

And big boy pants at the same time!!!

Your son is adorable.

BTW-What is it about boys wanting to pee on things? ;)

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

So cute!!!!
Seriously, I love it.

Luke hated his big boy bed and asked for his crib pretty much until he was about 4 1/2. He felt very vulnerable in his bed.

Yay John! Big Boy!

jen@odbt said...

He looks so cute in his big boy bed. I remember the day when we took down the crib. Very tough day for me but also a proud moment for my little guy. I'm glad he's adjusted well to the bed and underwear.