Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Nights

I've been thoroughly enjoying the sounds of summer the past few weeks.
Of course I like the smells, and the sights. But I love the sounds.

If I close my eyes and imagine summer, it's filled with so many of my favorite things. To me, it's kids shouting and calling out to each other during a game of flashlight tag. Laughter. The squeak of the hammock swinging. The slam of the back door. The tick-tick-tick of the sprinkler. Giggles at late night sleepovers. The squeals of kids and the jingle of the tags on the dog that's chasing them. The crackle and pop of firecrackers, followed by the ooohs and ahhhs of the kids sitting on the driveway watching them. The thump of the soccer balls being kicked in the street. The screech of bike pedals - eight kids all riding in a row. The croaking of tree frogs, and the chirping of crickets.

Isn't that what summer is all about?

My kids have all been going to bed ridiculously late this summer. But I just can't bring myself to put them to bed at a reasonable time. I mean, half the fun of a summer day happens after dusk, doesn't it? That's when the games of tag start. The firecrackers. The popsicles that get passed out to half the neighborhood. The chatter and laughter of the parents standing around in the street.And it's so much more fun to swing and slide and cuddle in the hammock after the sun goes down!

The sweet sounds of summer - I wouldn't trade it for the world.

What does summer sound like to you?


Emily said...

Oooh, I love this post!!! I can totally relate to everything there. Don't foget to add the hum of cicadas and the creaking of crickets!

Kellie said...

What a fun post!

To me summer is the sound of the frogs happily singing at the setting of sun. Its the sound of mosquitos buzzing in the ear. Its the click, click, clicking of the gas grill firing up. The clinking of spoons in the ice cream bowl. Its the whir of the ceiling fan, and the whoosh of the A/C turning on. It's the crinkling of popsicle wrappers and, when I lived in AZ, it was the sound of monsoons rolling over the mountains ( I miss that sound!).

I could go on and on....thanks for the opportunity to count my blessings!