Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not The Skills I Enjoy Practicing

I'm not the world's greatest picker-upper. Or the greatest cleaner-upper. Not that I mind.
But someone seems to think I need more practice.

And I'm not thinkin' it's so funny anymore.

Why? Well, because it keeps involving v.o.m.i.t.
(I had to spell it because I can't even say the word anymore.)

My little guy has been getting carsick. Sometimes he'll start crying, and I have to quickly pull over and let him throw up. (Like what happened here.)

That happened last week.
Then, he actually got the stomach flu. He got sick 5 times.

Yesterday, I went to deliver a contract to another Realtor's office, and I had John with me. 5 minutes into our car ride, he started whining about his tummy. Inside the other agent's office, I found her cleaning a huge soda explosion in her fridge. I laughed and said, "Oh, I'm an expert at cleaning up explosions. I have three kids."

Well thank goodness she didn't take me up on my offer of help. 30 seconds after pulling out of the parking lot, John threw up. ALL. over. the. inside. of. my. van.
And I  freaked out and almost swerved off the road from the smell  remained calm.

Let me just officially say right here that I am so sick and tired of vomit!!!!!!!!
I mean, come on! 7 times in less than 2 weeks?  I think I've proven my vomit cleaning skills are second to none. Can we just move on to bandaging wounds, or something???

I shouldn't have said that. That guy Murphy, with his silly law,  is probably listening, And I don't like him one bit.


Trina said...

Oh no! I feel for you dear, v.o.m.i.t. is not a fun thing to clean up....I hope the smell doesn't linger in your van :(

PS Thanks for your comment on my MAC paint pot post :)

jen@odbt said...

Oy. So sorry to hear about all the vomit. That is not fun at all. Maybe carry a bottle of Nature's Miracle (you get it at pet stores) in the car. That seems to get the stain and stink out. Hope he's feeling better soon.

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Oh, girl. That is just a bummer. I am so sorry! I hope he is feeling better soon. And you, too!